The Single Most Important Moving Tip

I didn’t want to say it myself but this article on superpages did, so I feel justified.  The most important choice you can make is whether or not – and which – mover to choose.  In a market as flooded (no pun intended) as New Orleans, Covington, Slidell and Hammond the choice is doubly hard.

But which mover should you choose? These days the marketplace for hired muscle such as this has exploded with new variety, and homeowners are finding their moving and storage choices increasingly confusing. Should you get college kids or seasoned professionals, freelance guys or the kind of people who come with a national brand and a website?

They’re completely right.  There are more movers – should I call them goons? – around than you can shake a very long stick at.  Don’t go shaking sticks when you’re moving, though, you might hit something fragile.  Professional movers never shake sticks.  Seriously though, how do you choose a mover?

Obviously at Nichol’s we’ll say, “Choose Nichol’s!” but on the off chance you’re reading this from outside the New Orleans metro area, I’ll give you some good advice: go with the experienced guys.  Go with the guys with the best references.  Around Slidell, Covington – hell, anywhere in Louisiana, that’s likely us.  Don’t worry about the big names, worry about results and cost.

Think safety.  Think professionalism.  Think Nichol’s.

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