Protecting Your Valuable Items

Your Slidell moving team understands that your valuable items are important to you. That’s why we at Nichol’s Moving always want to be aware of which possessions are fragile, important, or valuable. And while you can rest assured that we will get these precious items safely to your new Southeastern Louisiana home, there are steps you can take to further protect them.

What is considered a valuable?

Typically, any item with a replacement cost of $100 or higher per pound is considered “valuable.”  This could include laptops, antiques, artwork, oriental carpets, silver, china, antique furniture, and collectibles.


Before the packing begins, make a list of all your possessions. Not only will this be helpful for your own organization, but also it gives you and us an itemized list of everything that should be moved, just in case a dispute should arise. For, at least, the valuables write a description and include a serial number when possible. For the valuable items, there are a few more forms of documentation that are helpful to do. Firstly, take pictures of your valuables; this documents their condition before the move and gives a visual aide to both of us in case the item goes missing. Search “High Inventory Form” online; print and complete this form before the move for an additional documentation of your valuable items.

Establish Value

Before you move, establish the actual value of your valuables. For antiques, jewelry, artwork, silver, china, and valuables of that nature, hire a professional appraiser. Record the appraisals and keep receipts. For electronics, if you do not still have a receipt, check current market value for the item. Make at least two copies of the recorded values and store them in separate locations during the move; one should stay with you.


“Full Value Protection” gives you the best protection during your move. Under this level of liability, anything listed on the “High Inventory Form” that is lost or damaged in the move is the responsibility of the mover. We have the option to either replace, repair, or make a cash settlement for the replacement or repair at current market value.

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