New Orleans Professional Moving Tip #8: Don’t forget about YOU!

Okay, hotshot, you think you’re ready to move. All your clothes are packed in suitcases.  Your dishes are packed with care, in boxes marked “Kitchen” and “This End Up.”  Your paperwork is in a brightly colored binder, right there on the kitchen counter where you can grab it and go.  You’ve sent out your change of address forms, set up a date for the cable guy, and you’re all ready for the moving company.  But you still feel like you’re forgetting something.

You’re all ready to move your stuff, but are you ready to move yourself?

How are you getting to the new place?  If you’ve got a car, and you’re just going from Harahan to Metairie, you can just drive yourself.  But if you’re moving to Southeast Louisiana from far away, or you don’t have a car, this might take advance planning.  If you’re flying, plan your flights well in advance and leave yourself a little wiggle room for cancelled or delayed flights.  If you don’t have a car, see if you have friends who can drive you, or make room in your budget for taxi rides.

Make sure that you know where you’ll be staying during the move.  If you’ll be staying at your new house, it might take a while to get your bedrooms ready.  Consider bringing an air mattress with sheets and pillows.  Otherwise, find out if you can stay with friends or family, or reserve a hotel room.

It may take a while to get your cooking supplies unpacked, so be prepared for a few days of eating out or calling for takeout.  You can use Yelp or Google Maps to check out restaurant reviews in your new neighborhood, or just ask your new neighbors.  If your new house already has a fridge and a microwave, pick up some TV dinners and plastic forks from the store.

You don’t have to be exhausted from your move.  With a little preparation, and a little help from your friends at Nichol’s Moving and Storage, you can rest easy in your new home.

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