Moving a Piano

The ultimate test for a moving company is transporting a grand piano.  Its weight and size demand a team of at least four strong men, while the fragility of its internal workings calls for a delicate touch. The fact that a slight mistake can mean hundreds of dollars in repairs turns a complicated move into a high wire act. Previously, we showed a video of a piano being placed on a dolly correctly, but that was only one step of a very difficult process.

Protecting the Piano

Covering the piano in blankets and pads before any movement is attempted is very important. Refinishing a piano to remove a scratch or dent in the body will cost thousands of dollars, so if you damage the wood, the blemish may stay for the remainder of the instrument’s life.  Also, make sure that the keys are shuttered, so they won’t be damaged during transport.

Moving the piano on the dolly

Most times the piano must be moved a short distance to a suitable location, before it is loaded on the dolly.  A piano’s center of gravity can be deceiving to the eye, because the metal harp places most of the weight slightly to the left of the rear leg brackets.  Also,  the instrument’s irregular, kidney shape makes it difficult to manipulate. Evenly spacing four movers along the perimeter ensures an even weight distribution.  Remember, extreme care is needed when moving the piano, as any bump or irregularity in the floor can catch against the fragile legs. Detaching the legs is recommended, but while some movers may want to remove the keyboard, you should make it clear that you do not want this tactic employed, as it will harm the piano’s sound.

Loading the piano into a moving truck

Make sure that yourramp is secure when you load the piano into the moving truck. After it is loaded,  the piano must be taken off the dolly and strapped down with the keyboard facing the wall of the truck. If the dolly was still under the piano, it could break free during the trip and cause massive damage.  Make sure to be cautious on the roads when transporting your piano to your destination.  Make gradual stops and accelerations to avoid jostling the piano and causing damage.

Once you arrive at your destination, reverse the steps to situate your piano in its new home.

Need a Slidell moving company to help you move your piano?

While amateurs are capable of moving a piano successfully, the extreme difficulty and costly consequences makes this a job for professional movers insured for any damage.  Nicholsmoving is one of the most experienced moving companies in Slidell.  We’ve moved hundreds of pianos, pool tables and other large objects, so if you’re moving in Slidell, give us shout.  We can ensure that your piano makes it to your new home intact.

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