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New Orleans Movers Will Love You if You Take These 3 Steps

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Nichols Moving and Storage has been working with homeowners for a full generation now, and we’ve helped every kind of customer under the sun. The ones that really stand out are the ones that prepare for their moves thoroughly; they’re a pleasure to do business with! (Their moves go more smoothly, too!) Here are 3 basic techniques you can use to make moving day easier for yourself and for your New Orleans movers.

1. Keep Records

Having important information at your fingertips is essential during a move. Keep all your moving documents and contact info together in one location. A moving notebook is an excellent way to organize your vital data. Don’t forget to inventory your furnishings, especially items with great monetary or sentimental value: An inventory ensures that nothing gets left behind.

2. Educate Yourself

Take a little time to learn the right way to prepare special items for a move. Although Nichols can provide expert packing assistance, learning what needs to be done yourself will ensure that all of your belongings are treated right. The Internet is an excellent tool for educating yourself this way. You can learn a great deal by searching our blog archives, and other sites can provide even more information.

3. Budget Extra Time

Hurrying may be the single best way to foul up a move. You can keep things on an even keel by building a little bit of a cushion into your moving schedule. If at all possible, add an extra day to the move itself to deal with any unforeseen problems. If you have hard deadlines to meet, consider starting earlier. Extra time comes in handy during the planning stages, too – you can always use an extra moment to review your preparations.

Every move is unique, just like every home. Strategies like these are applicable to every moving situation, though. Your New Orleans movers at Nichols will definitely appreciate the time you take to prepare yourself and your household before moving day!

Do You Need a Special Moving Service? Nichols Handles That.

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Giving our customers their money’s worth is what Nichols is all about. We know from experience that it takes more than low prices to get ahead in the New Orleans moving business, though. That’s why we offer the perfect additional moving service to suit any special circumstances.

We handle the especially important furnishings that stump other movers, including pianos, pool tables, hot tubs, saunas, and safes. Transporting and installing such items properly is not just a matter of luck and care; these jobs require real skill – skill that the Nichols crew has.

Many household moves involve a little bit of construction work at the beginning or the end. (or both!) Nichols is ready to help. We have our own climate-controlled storage facilities to take care of any belongings you need to get out of the way. We also help with cleanup – disposing of construction debris is no problem for Nichols.

True flexibility is the hallmark of great moving service. That’s why Nichols is ready to jump into a moving job at any point. We load and unload rental trucks for our customers. We pack and unpack boxes, too – whether or not the homeowner entrusts us with the rest of the moving job.

We’ve mentioned our free online moving quotes many times, but we provide the same service in person. For homeowners who prefer dealing with their movers face-to-face, we’re happy to provide a free estimate on-site. Sometimes this is the best way to get a handle on a complex moving job, and of course it carries no obligation with it.

Every move is unique. That’s why Nichols is ready to meet the special needs of each moving job we tackle with the appropriate moving service. In twenty years on the job, we’ve seen it all – and we know how to handle it.

How to Case a Joint for New Orleans Moving Companies

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

No, we’re not talking about planning a thrilling daylight robbery. A well-executed move has a lot in common with a well-planned heist, though. Both projects benefit from plenty of preparation, lots of information, and a little advanced legwork. You can do a big favor for New Orleans moving companies like Nichols by handling some of that legwork yourself.

Of course, you’ll figure out how to get to your new home long before moving day. The question is, how are WE going to get to it with a full-sized moving truck? Take a trip to your new home and be on the lookout for road conditions that could spell trouble for an unprepared truck driver. Take note of any “no truck route” signs. Moving trucks can still deliver to homes on restricted roads, but it will likely be a tight squeeze. We’d sure appreciate hearing about them ahead of time!

Maneuvering a moving truck requires a lot of space, and that’s sometimes hard to come by in New Orleans. To make a full 90-degree turn, an eighteen-wheeler requires a road up to 30 feet wide. If the streets leading to your home are narrower, look for alternate routes or corners where it would be acceptable for a truck to jump a curb.

At your new home itself, check to see if there’s enough room to pull a truck onto your property or if the truck will have to be parked on the street. Estimate how close to the door a truck can get (you may recognize this as one of the pieces of information we ask for on our free moving quote forms).

Nichols will handle your move regardless of how accessible your new home is, but we can always plan better when we have as much information as possible in advance. Some New Orleans moving companies might prefer to wing it, but we like to have a good plan in place before we move your household!

Pro New Orleans Movers Recommend a Moving Essentials Box

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Although we do provide unpacking services for a modest additional fee, many of our customers choose to handle unpacking themselves after we’ve gotten them into their new home. Based on our long experience as New Orleans movers, we have several suggestions for unpacking, and the biggest one is to create your own moving essentials box.

A moving essentials box is a collection of all the items you’ll need most urgently once your move is complete. You’ll be “roughing it” for a few days as you unpack and settle into your new home. For starters, include the tools you need for unpacking. A utility knife is a must, as are a few flashlights. (You can also pack a light bulb or two if you got your electricity turned on ahead of time.) Don’t forget a first aid kit!

Unpacking is hard work; you’re going to get sweaty. Pack toiletries and a few changes of clothes in your essentials box. Besides your everyday items for personal care, you’ll also need basic fixtures to make your new bathroom usable. The most important of these are toilet paper and a shower curtain – these are rarely provided when you move in, and their absence makes it pretty hard to use your bathroom properly!

While you’ll be getting to know your new local grocery stores soon enough, packing some food in your essentials box is a good idea. Some basic snacks will help keep your energy levels up while you work. For any meals you want to fix, remember to include the cookware and utensils you’ll need to prepare it. If you’ve brought pets with you on your move, make sure their food and bowls make it into the essentials box, too.

A well-thought-out moving essentials box can really take the sting out of the unpacking process. Fix one for your next move so you’re ready for the challenges of settling into your new home. Nichols wants to make your move as straightforward as possible, even the parts you handle yourself.

Moving to The Big Easy Isn’t Hard With the Right New Orleans Movers

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Whatever brings you to New Orleans, be it career, family, or education, you’re probably going to love your time in the Crescent City. Working with professional New Orleans movers when you arrive is a great way to get off on the right foot!

Nichols Moving and Storage has been serving the New Orleans community for decades. We might be based on the North Shore, but we have plenty of experience moving people into houses all over the metro area. We know that the final move-in is the most critical part of a long-distance move, and that’s why we recommend working with local experts like us. We’ve tackled the special challenges involved in New Orleans moves (e.g. crowded streets, old houses, nasty weather) many times, and we know how to overcome them.

You don’t have to leave the local end of your move unplanned until the last minute! Nichols offers free, no-obligation moving quotes online. As long as you can tell us where you’re coming from and where your new home is located, we can estimate what it will cost to complete your move. The more detail you provide, the more accurate we can be. You can also consult with us early in the planning stages to give special instructions and arrange for the proper treatment of especially delicate belongings.

You have a wide choice of New Orleans movers available to you. If you pick Nichols, you’ll get the finest service available at a very affordable price, and your journey to the Big Easy will get started on a high note!

Nichols is a Highly Dependable NOLA Moving Company

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

When you’re planning a New Orleans move, you have plenty of options for professional assistance. A quick Google search will show you that there are dozens of locally-owned moving companies and plenty of national chains operating in the city. At Nichols Moving and Storage, we’re comfortable with the amount of competition we have for your business. We know none of them are as reliable as we are.

Being a really professional NOLA moving company requires more than just a truck and a pack of college students with gloves. Nichols has been in the moving business for decades, and we bring the results of all of our experience into play with every new moving job we take. If you need to move delicate possessions – from hot tubs to pianos to fine art – we’ve done it before and we know how to do it right. We have the equipment required to protect your valuables, including climate-controlled, air-ride-equipped trucks and secure storage facilities.

Don’t worry about paying a premium for the outstanding level of service Nichols can provide. We keep our pricing as competitive as possible. What’s more, you can get a good feel for what it will be like to work with us without making any commitments. Just request a free no-obligation moving quote to see how we stack up against the other movers in town.

Over the length of time we’ve been in business, we’ve seen competitors come and go. Nichols has stuck around, and we continue to rack up a long list of satisfied customers. We’ve got the experience it takes to run a NOLA moving company right, and we’d be happy to put it at your disposal.

Choose your New Orleans Moving Company with Care

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

New Orleans is a city that loves a little bit of unplanned mischief. Whether it’s a hurricane bringing unplanned vacation time or a second line you knew nothing about blocking traffic, you’ll run into more than a few surprises here. That being said, you want to minimize the number of surprises that pop up while you’re moving, and the best way to do that is to work with a professional New Orleans moving company.

At Nichols Moving and Storage, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing top-quality service to our clients on the North Shore and throughout the NOLA area. Over the past two decades, we’ve built up a well-deserved reputation for professionalism and reliability. We keep our prices competitive, but we never compromise on the quality of our services. You have many options when you pick out a moving company, and we want it to be clear that Nichols is a great choice.

We believe in putting minimal pressure on our clients. Moving is stressful enough without a New Orleans company that’s hard to work with! We like to start off with a free, no-obligation moving quote. If you find our prices attractive – and we’re betting that you will – we’ll continue to demonstrate our expertise by working with you throughout the moving process. We can help you figure out exactly what you need, but we always leave final decisions and scheduling up to you.

A professional New Orleans moving company provides you with invaluable assistance when you need to pack up your home and move across town. Nichols has done this for countless clients in the past, and we’d love to do it for you!

Summer is When New Orleans Movers Shine – Because of the Sweat!

Monday, August 13th, 2012

At Nichols Moving and Storage, we work 365 days a year, no matter what the weather is doing. Summer moves are especially challenging here in Louisiana, but as professional New Orleans movers, we know how to get the job done even in triple-digit temperatures. Here are some handy tips for staying safe and comfortable during your summer move:

  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water on moving day. Sports drinks are also good, but stay away from sugary sodas or caffeinated beverages (even our beloved iced coffee). Although they may give you a little energy, they won’t hydrate you nearly as well as water.
  • Start early! Summer temperatures in New Orleans drop a little bit at night. If at all possible, get as much moving done in the early morning hours before the mercury starts to skyrocket.
  • Pace yourself! Conserve your energy as the day wears on. Take plenty of breaks in order to avoid the risk of heat exhaustion. You’ll find that short bouts of work broken up by plenty of rest will get the job done just fine.
  • Get the air moving! If your new home has electricity and air conditioning, take full advantage of it on moving day. It’s a good idea to drop by on the day before your move and fire up the AC in advance. If you don’t have access to air conditioning, consider investing in a fan or two for moving day.
    Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the sure-fire way to stay cool during a summer move: Leave it to the professionals. If you make Nichols your New Orleans movers of choice this summer, we can do the sweating for you!

A New Orleans Moving Company

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Hello folks!  We’d like to introduce ourselves.  We are Nichols Moving and Storage, servicing the moving needs of New Orleans and the New Orleans metro area.  Our founder, Mr. Walter Nichols, started this business in 1990 (for you non-math majors out there, that is 22 years ago at the time of this writing).  We wanted to write up an article and explain why it is worth it to hire a local moving company (We really mean hire us, please) and trust them with your belongings.

First of all, we’d like to mention that we live in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.  We have team members who live in the city and the suburbs of Covington, Metairie, Slidell and Hammond.  Our point is that we have to live here too — and we all know that New Orleans is a small city.  By small I don’t necessarily mean geographically, though I suppose one might be able to argue that. Specifically by small we mean that we are tight knit community.  In other words, even if we did want to treat your belongings with disrespect, we’d never get away with it because your neighbor’s friend’s former roommate’s grandmother, who is probably related to one of us anyway, would find out and give us an earful.  We call this our informal insurance policy.  Just kidding, of course.

In all honesty though, we know the moving business works on trust.  We also know that you won’t spend a single penny with us until you trust us to perform our service with the utmost courtesy and professionalism that we can muster.  You can count on that one.

Secondly, we understand how to get things in and out of those magnificent old buildings in New Orleans.  Have you ever tried hauling your vintage 1950s sleeper sofa up two flights of wooden stairs to the bedroom in a camelback house?  What about moving your grandmother’s dining room set that was hand crafted in Italy, and needs to be moved into your new ranch style house in Gentilly? Notice I said a “new” ranch style house.  Compared to 1850, 1960 is  pretty new!  We’re talking about the one with the 90 degree angle in the hallway that makes you wonder if the builders of the house ever thought you’d ever any furniture at all.  We can help you with both of those things at Nichols Moving and Storage.

Thirdly, while we understand moving is going to cost money, we like to think that our prices are fair.  Our prices are reasonable, and we’re willing to do custom quotes for each and every person to move as little or as much as you want, or can afford.

Fourth:  We are professionals.  We have the right tools for the job, which means that your money will be well spent.  Antiques or irreplacable items, whether they are worth ten thousand or ten dollars will be transported properly to ensure no scratches, scrapes or other damage is done to your property.

If you are moving to New Orleans from another part of the country, fear not!  A common misconception is that it is cost prohibitive to hire a local moving business (Like us) to move your things from another city to New Orleans.  We have, on many occasions, outbid the large movers (we won’t name them on here of course, but we think you might know some).  We’d also like to think that we out-service them every single time.  After all, we would be delighted to welcome you to our beloved city.

Moving a Dishwasher

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Moving large appliances without help is difficult, but few appliances are more complicated than the dishwasher. It requires special attention, certain know-how and especially manpower. Here at Nichol’s Moving in Slidell, we do our best to make sure your moving experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. So if you’re planning on moving your dishwasher to your new house, here are some important tips to remember.

Shut off the electricity and water

One of the first and most important steps to moving any appliance is to properly shut down the electricity. Cut off the electricity to that general area by shutting off the breaker that connects to the kitchen (or wherever the dishwasher is located). Since the dishwasher is also connected to the water, you should also shut that off. Sometimes there is a switch underneath the sink that cuts off the water and electricity to the dishwasher.

Carefully pull out the machine

Next, you will need to pull the machine out of the wall most of the way, so you can disconnect the cables. All dishwashers are slightly different, but most have screws within the machine that affix it to the wall. Unscrew the screws and release the machine from the wall. Then slowly and carefully pull the machine out.

Disconnect the power and water lines from the back

There are three lines you’ll need to disconnect coming from the back of the dishwasher: two tube-like cords and an electrical cord. Follow the electrical cord until you get to the metal box in the back. Open the metal box and remove the cord by releasing the nuts. Remember not to lose the nuts because you need them to reattach the wire. Next, disconnect the drainage pipe. This is the device that releases water into the sink. You might need some tools to take off this pipe.

Finally, remove the water supply pipe, which is usually found underneath the dishwasher unit. You might have to take off the bottom portion of the unit to reach it. Take this off by using a wrench to loosen the nut that attaches it. Be ready when you release the tube because there could be excess water that comes out.

Take it out on a dolly

With all the cords disconnected, it’s time to actually move it. Tape down or remove any lose parts that might fly around. Then cover the front of the dishwasher with a blanket, so when you put it on the dolly, it doesn’t get scratched. Be careful the door doesn’t open and the bottom panel doesn’t come off because they are lose on some models. Once you wheel it out to the truck, make sure it’s place in a secure spot.

Remember, whether you’re moving from Slidell or to Slidell, we are the moving company that makes it happen.

Packing A Computer

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Recent studies have reported that more than three-fourths of people in the United States own a computer. That means the chances you’re packing a computer when you move from one place to the next is pretty high. Although laptops are becoming increasingly popular, many still own traditional desktop computers with monitors, modems and cables. Here at Nichol’s Moving in Slidell, we know the importance of safely moving all your belongings, but we especially understand the importance of packing and transporting computers. That’s why we’re providing some tips for properly packing and moving a computer.

Back Up Your Computer

Before doing anything that requires disassembling and moving your computer, you should always back up your data. You never want to run the risk of losing any data during the move (or any other time really), so you should prepare an external hard drive to house your backup information. If you want to be 100% sure your data is safe, consider having a second backup disk.

Disassemble the Computer

After you’re sure the data is backed up and the computer is completely shut down, begin taking apart the computer. Carefully unplug all the cords, but make sure you label them if you don’t know much about computers. Then you want to wrap the cables into 8-shapes, so you can put plastic ties to hold them in place. Do this for all the cables, including those attached to the mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Begin Packing Each Accessory Individually

The difficult thing about computers is that there are so many delicate components that need to be packed. Once all the pieces are separated and the cables are tied securely, you should start packing each item individually. For the mouse, place it in a plastic bag that’s either empty or filled with packing peanuts, so the tracking ball doesn’t get damaged or dirty. Keyboards should also be covered by a large plastic bag or keyboard cover. Then, it should be placed in its own box filled with packing peanuts.

The monitor is the largest portion of the computer, so it needs to be handled carefully. Cover the screen with a bag to prevent scratches and place it in a large box, which has the bottom and sides covered with bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Tape it shut and label which side is up.

With the monitor and keyboard in their own boxes, the other items could all be placed in a single box that’s lined with bubble wrap. Position the mouse, CDs, cables and other accessories you might have in the box, so they’re spaced apart.

Move the Boxes Carefully

Finally, when you’re moving, make sure to label the boxes clearly, so you or the movers know to treat them with extra caution. Also, avoid stacking other boxes on top of them and try your best not to shake them too much.

Tips For Having a Moving Sale

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Here at Nichol’s Moving in Slidell, we understand the importance of carefully moving your prized possessions from one location to the other and do it diligently to your satisfaction. However, you can make your move easier by selling some of the things you don’t plan on using at your new place. If you’d like to get rid of a few things and make some extra cash, here are some tips for having a moving sale.

Select items you want to donate

When you’re still in the early stages of moving, you should begin making piles and lists of all the things you know you don’t want to take to your new house. These things could include anything from appliances and furniture to clothes and trinkets. While you might want keep certain items to take to your new place, don’t take items you know you won’t use or will simply go back to the bottom of the closet.

Research the logistics of the moving sale

After you have all or most of the items you want to sell separated, it’s time to actually plan the logistics of the sale. You should contact the neighborhood association to find out whether you could have a sale any day and whether you need a permit. All areas are different, but they usually allow moving sales. Also, consider having a block yard sale, so you could bring in more prospective customers.

Pick a date and time

The best time for a moving sale is on the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. You want to beware of having the sale during a holiday because people will be less inclined to go out and browse through your items. You’re likely to sell more items if you start the sale early and go through the evening. The moving sale should be an all-day affair that requires your full attention.

Publicize the event

With the date and logistics set, maximize the traffic to your sale by properly publicizing it. Put up fliers on posts throughout the neighborhood and place an advertisement on websites like craigslist. Another method for the day of the sale is to put up signs directing people to your sale.

Display things properly and give good deals during the sale

Once the day finally arrives, you want to make the maximum profit but also get rid of as much stuff as possible. That’s why you should prominently feature things you want to sell the most and offer very good prices. As the day of the sale proceeds, you can also begin lowering the prices or offering bundled deals to encourage prospective buyers. Hopefully, you are able to sell most items, but if not, consider donating the remaining items to charity.

Moving a Refrigerator

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Moving appliances is one of the toughest parts of moving because not only are they extremely large and heavy, but they can also be unwieldy and delicate. While appliances can be moved by amateurs, it’s our reputation here at Nichol’s Moving in Slidell that makes us a popular and reliable choice to move appliances. A few months ago we posted on moving a piano, and today we bring you this post on the best way to move a refrigerator.

Getting the Fridge Prepared for the Move

Before any moving is actually done, a few things need to be removed from the inside of the refrigerator. First, any food items within the fridge and freezer should be moved to another location or thrown away. Then, the fridge should be unplugged and defrosted, which usually takes at least 8 hours. After it’s defrosted, it should be cleaned and any excess liquid accumulation should be wiped out. Also, shelves, doors and drawers should be removed or securely fastened to the inside of the refrigerator. Ideally, you would secure the electrical cord to the fridge and use rope to tie the doors shut.

Moving the Fridge Out of Your House

Once it’s been emptied and secured, the fridge can be safely removed from your house. It should first be moved away from the wall, so it can be tipped onto a dolly without damaging the wall. Slide the dolly underneath and fasten the fridge to it with the straps. This will ensure it maintains fixed to the moving device. Next, you need to enlist the help of some friends to slowly tip the fridge backward while you hold the end of the dolly with the handle and wheels. Once it’s in the moving position on the dolly, it should easily roll out of the kitchen.

Getting the Fridge Downstairs or On the Truck

If you live on the second story, getting the fridge down a flight of stairs can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. The key is to give it a lot of support. Move the dolly with the fridge one step at a time with several people making sure each step is taken smoothly. Also, when you roll it up a truck ramp or place it on the elevator, make sure you have others there to support the additional weight.

Unloading the Fridge and Getting It Settled

Once the fridge is transported to your new house in its upright position, it’s time to unload it. Put it back on the dolly and roll it carefully to its new location. Before plugging it back in, you should let it sit for a few hours to allow the cooling fluids to reacquaint themselves. Also, after you plug the refrigerator back in, it may take some time to cool.

As you can see from these simple-sounding instructions, if done correctly, moving a fridge can be quick and painless. We at Nichol’s Moving in Slidell have moved appliances hundreds of times, so if you’re looking for security and professionalism, give us a call.

Tips for Packing Clothes for a Move

Friday, April 8th, 2011

One of the biggest challenges of moving is trying to neatly and carefully pack all your items in an appropriate way. Your clothes are some of the most challenging items to pack because there are some clothes that are very delicate and others that don’t need a lot of attention. Fortunately, we at Nichol’s Moving in Slidell offer a variety of packing materials that will help you transport your clothes easily. To figure out the best way to pack your clothes, check out these tips below.

Get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore before packing

If you’ve lived in your house for years, chances are you have a collection of clothes that sit at the bottom of drawers or at the end of the closet. Since you are moving, use this as an opportunity to quickly go through your clothes and decide which ones you will continue to wear and which ones will be better off sold or donated. If you already know it’s going to take a long time to go through your closet and dresser, make a note to start early. Consider having a yard sale to get rid of those old clothes or simply donate them to a homeless shelter.

Get a wardrobe box

There are several types of techniques you can use to transport your clothes during a move. Probably the easiest way to pack clothes that you don’t want to get wrinkled when you’re moving long distances is the wardrobe box. A wardrobe box, which we sell here, is essentially a large box with a sturdy bar inside. This allows you to hang your clothes securely and the boxes even come in different sizes for maximum convenience.

Use a trash bag to bundle the clothes

If you’re just moving across Slidell and don’t feel the need to buy a wardrobe box to transport your clothes, using a trash bag is an inexpensive way to safely move clothes. First, gather a couple hangers that have clothes on them. Second, tie or tape them together so the hangers are all facing in one direction. Third, get a plastic garbage bag and cut a hole at the closed end to fit the hanger tips. Slide the bag all the way over the bundle of clothes and tie up the other end. When you unpack, all you need to do is hang the bundle, untie the hangers and pull down the bag.

This method makes sure your clothes don’t get dirty and doesn’t take up as much space as a box. Just remember to be careful where you place the bag because they’re very slippery and could slide around if stacked on one another.

Pack your clothes in a regular box

A regular moving box is also a great way to move your clothes if you’re not afraid to fold them. The key to packing clothes in boxes is to use medium-sized boxes. Placing too many clothes in a large box will make it heavy and unwieldy. You can either fold the clothes similar to the way stores fold them or leave them on hangers and fold them in half if you want to quickly unpack.

Tips for Packing Delicate Items

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

In a previous post, we gave some general tips for packing items before a big move. However, many items around the house require specific packing techniques to ensure that they are not broken or compromised during your move. We at Nichols Moving in Slidell offer a variety of packing options, but if you’re planning on packing these fragile items yourself, here are a few things to remember.

Get the Right Packing Material

One of the major mistakes we’ve seen people make is packing fragile items in flimsy boxes or on top of one another. At Nichols Moving, we have top quality packing supplies, including boxes, packing tape and different-sized bubble wrap. You should avoid using wobbly boxes found at convenient stores because they are more likely to fall apart while moving. If necessary, seek out stronger boxes that were used to hold wine or other heavy items. Don’t be afraid to go out and get quality boxes for these items.

Once you’ve found a strong, reliable box, it’s important to make sure it’s secure. Use strong tape to seal the bottom and feel free to apply several strips of tape. You never want to have the bottom fall out on a box containing valuable items.

Wrap the Items in Packing Material

Before placing any fragile item in a box, it should first be wrapped in packing materials. Doing this prevents any glass or silver objects from being scratched by rubbing against one another. Bubble wrap works fantastically for this, and depending on the type of object, it should even be wrapped in several layers for extra safety.

Place the Items Strategically in the Box

When the items are all carefully encased in bubble wrap, it’s time to pack them in the box. Before the objects go in, make sure the bottom of the box is protected. Line the bottom with packing peanuts or a soft towel, so the objects aren’t exposed to the hard ground. Then place the objects in the box. It’s a good idea to space them out from one another, and fill in any gaps with more packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

Try to avoid stacking items on top of each other, but if the box is big enough cover the bottom layer thoroughly with packing material before placing anything on top. If possible, cover the top of the inside with a complete layer of bubble wrap in case the box is accidentally turned upside down.

Seal Up the Box and Mark It

Once the items are in and there is no extra space in the box for them to move around, tape the top with a few strips of strong tape. After, label what’s in the box, so the movers know to be careful when handling it. Be sure to explain which side is up.

5 Tips for Moving with Pets

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Here at Nichol’s Moving in Slidell, we understand that moving can be stressful for anyone. What many people don’t know is that pets can be equally overwhelmed and anxious during a move. There are a few things you can do before and during the moving process that will help guide your pets safely through the commotion of moving.

Make sure your pet has an up-to-date ID tag

Before you begin doing any sort of packing or moving, you should make sure your pet’s identification tag has your current contact information, including your name and telephone number. This is an important first step because pets are sometimes confused and scared off by the chaos around the house.

Get Veterinary Records

If you’re planning on going to another vet closer to your new home, make sure to get the medical history and vaccination records from your previous vet. You can also check if your pet has all the current shots and vaccinations.

Keep a close eye on your pet

Pets usually get the most anxious when you’re beginning to pack and move things around. That’s why it’s especially important to keep an eye on your pet to see that they are not getting too overwhelmed. Giving them extra affection and attention during the process will also reassure them that everything will be fine. If necessary, consider putting them in a kennel or temporary shelter where they can be away from all the chaos around the house.

Explore options for the day of the move

The day of the move is by far the most difficult for a pet and its owner. You never want to wait until your pet is spooked to the point where they’re going to put up a big fight. Also, you never want to put yourself in a situation where you can’t find your pet and have to leave them there temporarily.

Instead, consider removing them completely from the scene. Have a friend watch your pet or locate a sitter at who will take care of your pet for the day. Remember that wherever you transport your pet, always ensure they are properly restrained.

Help your pet adjust to their new home

Once you have finally moved and brought your pet home, help them get used to the new location by making them familiar with the surroundings. Let them cautiously explore the area, but also give them things they’re used to, such as favorite toys, pet beds, food and water.

Finally, don’t forget to find a new vet near your home, and be sure to read up on all the pet safety information pertaining to the area.

Nichols: We Move You

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Louisiana is an emotional state. All puns intended. We feel joy when our Saints make an interception. We feel rage when we think of BP. We’re sorrowful when we think of how the Mississippi will inevitably change course as it has been trying to do for the last 100 years. And then there’s the emotion that can only be described in Louisiana terms: a combination of laissez le bon temps rouller, mango chutney, black pepper, moldering swamp and barking gators. Of tooth pain and jazz. Of BBQ and potholes.

Regardless of what you’re feeling, when you have to move, Nichols wants to move you. All puns intended. From our secret Slidell lair we strive to make your moving experience so stress free, so smooth and sweet that you may actually tear up. I’m not saying that’s happened often, but what does consistently occur is that our customers think they’ll have to deal with a stressful move and end up kicking back and relaxing with time to spare and all their valuables exactly where they wanted them. All with a smile on our faces.

We’re Nichols Moving, and we move you.

Another Reason To Use Professional Slidell Movers

Monday, August 9th, 2010

If you’re considering moving to, from or near Slidell you need to be careful what moving company you choose.  This is not an idle decision.  Choosing a poor mover will leave you with problems far beyond moving day.  Your Slidell mover must provide careful, considerate service.  They must have their own packing supplies, the time and patience to do the job right, respect for your space and belongings and the experience to know how not to nick a door frame with your sofa.  This is why you need professional movers.

We’ve all got family that says they’ll help us move.  They want to show off their physical prowess, their moving expertise or maybe just get brownie points for letting you use their truck or driving the U-Haul.  You don’t want to hurt cousin Bruno’s feelings, but you don’t want to hurt your cabinet’s drawers, either.  Alright, let Bruno help: let him help us. We don’t mind the extra muscle and we’ll make sure you don’t need to call an EMT to help reattach Bruno’s shoulder and pride.

If there’s one warning to take away, consider those Slidell moving companies that pretend to be professional but leave you distressed to say the least.  Consider this review of one of our competitors.

Damaged Furniture and NO REPAIR??
Rated 1.0 out of 5.0 By brian – Dec 31, 2009
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I hired S & S Moving to move a very heavy double vanity upstairs to my master bathroom. They sent three grungy kids to my home who didn’t seem to have a clue how to move a heavy piece of furniture. After about 20 minutes they decided to put my bathroom vanity on a furniture dolly and strapped it in. I had to instruct them to use blankets and/or towels (which I had to provide) to keep the metal dolly from scratching the furniture. They proceeded to move the piece upstairs. I couldn’t supervise the whole process because there was limited room on the stairs. It seemed to be moved successfully and I paid the $175 fee. I then went upstairs to gather the blankets and towels they had used to protect the furniture and discovered that they had been strategically placed over the top to conceal significant damage to one of the corners. Wood trim had been crushed and scratched by the weight of the piece. I called S & S Moving immediately and reported the damage. I was told that a furniture repair expert would be out to repair the damage withing a couple of days. I never heard back. I called again two days later and got a run around. I was told things like “He isn’t in today”, “He’s working from home”, “He’s gone for the day”, etc. It has been over a month and a dozen phone calls and no repair to my damaged furniture. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!
Look to the company with experience moving everything, everywhere all over the New Orleans Metro Area.  Check us out for a free estimate, today.

We’re Your Slidell Hot Tub Movers

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Moving a hot tub or jacuzzi to or from Slidell?  You need Nichols.  I’m not the bragging sort but you just will not find a better hot tub mover anywhere nearby.

Is your whirlpool bath on the second floor of a garden district colonial?  In a double-shotgun with narrow doors?  Is it being hauled up a spiral staircase, over a balcony or down a long hallway?  Nichols moves your whole house, attic to garage, and if you’re in or near Slidell there’s no one else who can match our customer service, professionalism and expertise.  We can get your hot tub, your piano and your entire kitchen out of your apartment, down the elevator and all the way to your new home without a single dent or scratch.

But don’t take our word for it – our best references are our satisfied customers.  Although, maybe the horror stories from people who tried to move hot tubs themselves, or without a specialized mover, are also good references.

The Single Most Important Moving Tip

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

I didn’t want to say it myself but this article on superpages did, so I feel justified.  The most important choice you can make is whether or not – and which – mover to choose.  In a market as flooded (no pun intended) as New Orleans, Covington, Slidell and Hammond the choice is doubly hard.

But which mover should you choose? These days the marketplace for hired muscle such as this has exploded with new variety, and homeowners are finding their moving and storage choices increasingly confusing. Should you get college kids or seasoned professionals, freelance guys or the kind of people who come with a national brand and a website?

They’re completely right.  There are more movers – should I call them goons? – around than you can shake a very long stick at.  Don’t go shaking sticks when you’re moving, though, you might hit something fragile.  Professional movers never shake sticks.  Seriously though, how do you choose a mover?

Obviously at Nichol’s we’ll say, “Choose Nichol’s!” but on the off chance you’re reading this from outside the New Orleans metro area, I’ll give you some good advice: go with the experienced guys.  Go with the guys with the best references.  Around Slidell, Covington – hell, anywhere in Louisiana, that’s likely us.  Don’t worry about the big names, worry about results and cost.

Think safety.  Think professionalism.  Think Nichol’s.